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Hear What Our Patients Say About Our Weight Loss Program

I never thought I could experience so much support and joy while losing weight!

“I’ve always struggled with being 30-60 lbs. overweight. After trying every diet, book, video, workout, pill etc., I realized that I just couldn’t do this alone. I called a few clinics and remember most of them jumping right into their prices and asking If I could afford their program. It felt very cold and demotivating.

That was, until I called Dr. Basi and his team. They were warm, welcoming and seemed to have a genuine interest in my wellbeing. That theory was quickly proven to be true after my first meeting. Dr. Basi did a thorough physical and, while positive, he was very honest about my health. He didn’t sugar coat that I was overweight, but he was also excited and confident that we were going to drop those pounds. He was right!

Dr. Basi put me on a weight loss plan that was realistic and worked for me. Every week, I left his office feeling so motivated and knowing I CAN DO THIS! Whether I dropped 5 lbs. in a week or gained 1lb., I always left determined, knowing that I could make this happen.

Week after week, Dr. Basi encouraged me, supported me and always empathized with my struggle. I looked forward to our meetings and getting the extra boost of motivation needed to keep pushing through. Before I knew it, I had lost close to 50 lbs.! I still can’t believe it! Now, everyone wants to know how I did it. Well, there’s no way I could have done this without Sunrise Health. I never thought I could experience this much support and joy while losing so much weight, but their team certainly delivers. Now, all I can say is, “thank you!’” *

– Mrs. Bailey

I was able to lose the pounds safely and efficiently and keep them off

“I moved to California from Georgia in November 2013. I had become overweight that year, gaining 30 pounds, absolutely unaware of how it happened. I had no illnesses nor had my lifestyle changed to cause a rapid weight gain. I justified it by saying that it was a normal change for a woman in her forties. To say the least, I was miserable. I was going through changes that I didn’t understand.

I decided to seek professional help to give me the accountability I needed to lose weight. I went to meet with Dr. J.S. Basi to discuss my concerns.

Dr. Basi was very sympathetic and sensitive about my weight. He actually talked to me about where I moved from and what my current issues were. He seemed to care about all of the possibilities that led to my weight gain. I felt relaxed and comfortable as a person and not just as a client. He and his team worked diligently to find a solution for me.

Dr. Basi devised a diet plan and made me accountable for it – requiring me to make a chart and record my meals. This allowed me to recognize how many calories I was consuming on a daily basis. By counting calories and consuming a certain amount of protein in every meal, doing some exercise, and taking some appetite suppressants, I was able to lose the pounds safely, efficiently and keep them off.

I want to thank Sunrise Health Medical group for their patience and diligence in helping me achieve my goal.” *

– Penelope

I’ve lost over 40 lbs. in 5 months

Dr. Basi is wonderful, and his weight loss plan is AMAZING. My goal was to get down to 150 lbs. I’m now 147. I’ve lost over 40 lbs. in 5 months. Keeping a diary of what I eat helped me to overhaul what and how I eat. It also forced me to find other ways to settle my emotions besides comfort eating. Incorporating the exercise he suggested, I’ve grown healthier and stronger. *

– A. Floyd, wife, mother, psychotherapist

Results May Vary: Causes for being overweight or obese vary from person to person. Whether genetic or environmental, it should be noted that food intake, rates of metabolism and levels of exercise and physical exertion vary from person to person. This means weight loss results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.