avoid these weight-loss mistakes

avoid these weight-loss mistakes

If you’re like a lot of other people, then you probably made some resolutions about your weight or physical fitness at the start of the year. Now that we’re a couple of months into 2019, it’s a good time to take a closer look at yourself to see if you’re making the progress you had hoped to. The science behind weight loss may seem pretty straightforward — eat fewer calories than you burn. The reality, however, is that there a number of mistakes that all of us are prone to making that can hinder us from achieving our goals. If you are looking for help, then contact Sunrise Health and learn how our weight loss clinic can help Bay Area residents.

focus on the scale

This mistake is hard to avoid for many people. When you are feeling anxious about your progress, it is easy to walk over to the scale to see if the needle is moving at all. This is a horrible temptation that you need to avoid since the results it shows are not necessarily accurate. Your body weight fluctuates slightly over the course of the day, sometimes by as much as four pounds. The amount of fluctuation depends on how much food and liquid you have consumed.

eating too few calories

It might seem like this is exactly what you should be doing if you want to lose weight. The problem with this plan is that your body tends to hold onto fat cells even more when your caloric intake is not high enough. Our bodies are wonderful creations that intuitively know how to protect us when there is a lack, or perceived lack, of food. Withholding too many calories will not help you to lose the weight that you want.

exercise too much

While physical activity is good for everyone, you want to be careful not to exercise more than you should. Excessive exercise may lead to stress and impair your body’s production of adrenal hormones, which regulate your stress response. Make sure that you talk with your doctor to determine what a healthy level of exercise is for your age and body type.

drink your calories

This mistake is a very easy one to fall into because most of us don’t pay a lot of attention to how many high-calorie drinks we consume over the course of the day. We tend to focus more on the types and amounts of food that we consume. Depending on the number and types of coffee beverages, sodas, sports drinks, and more, you could easily be consuming hundreds of calories that your body simply can’t keep up with. Try to stick with mostly water, which is the most beneficial beverage for your body anyway.

At Sunrise Health, we are proud to provide weight-loss clinics throughout the Bay Area that help our clients lose the weight they want using safe, doctor-approved methods. If you are not making the progress you want, or are struggling to lose even a small amount of weight, then please call and schedule an appointment with us today. We look forward to helping you!

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