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Sunrise Health Medical Associates in Stockton wants to help you lose weight and enable you to gain the knowledge and skills you need to maintain your desired weight. Our medical weight-loss program is here to offer the insight and support you need to push past any plateaus. Contact us to learn more about our weight-loss program and how you can reach your ideal weight.

We Build Your Weight-Loss Program Around What Works Best for You

“While we believe that our program is very effective, we are also flexible. If there is a style of eating or a particular program (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Paleo, High Protein, South Beach, etc.) that you like and have had some success with before, then just let us know. We can devise a weight-loss plan around your previous successes. Our weight-loss diet is based on real foods that you can purchase in grocery stores, rather than bars, shakes, and pre-packaged foods. We add the accountability, motivation, support, and prescription appetite suppressants you need to succeed.”

– Dr. J.S. Basi

Contact Sunrise Health in Stockton to schedule your free consultation to learn how a medically directed weight-loss program can provide the success you deserve. You can achieve your weight loss goals, and we can help.