“I’ve always struggled with being 30-60 lbs. overweight. After trying every diet, book, video, workout, pill etc., I realized that I just couldn’t do this alone. I called a few clinics and remember most of them jumping right into their prices and asking If I could afford their program. It felt very cold and demotivating.

That was, until I called Dr. Basi and his team. They were warm, welcoming and seemed to have a genuine interest in my wellbeing. That theory was quickly proven to be true after my first meeting. Dr. Basi did a thorough physical and, while positive, he was very honest about my health. He didn’t sugar coat that I was overweight, but he was also excited and confident that we were going to drop those pounds. He was right!

Dr. Basi put me on a weight loss plan that was realistic and worked for me. Every week, I left his office feeling so motivated and knowing I CAN DO THIS! Whether I dropped 5 lbs. in a week or gained 1lb., I always left determined, knowing that I could make this happen.

Week after week, Dr. Basi encouraged me, supported me and always empathized with my struggle. I looked forward to our meetings and getting the extra boost of motivation needed to keep pushing through. Before I knew it, I had lost close to 50 lbs.! I still can’t believe it! Now, everyone wants to know how I did it. Well, there’s no way I could have done this without Sunrise Health. I never thought I could experience this much support and joy while losing so much weight, but their team certainly delivers. Now, all I can say is, “thank you!’”

Mrs. Bailey